New York

Jamie Wong

Jamie Wong is not old. But she is definitely vintage. Buying and selling vintage garments has been her life for about 17 years, but she does it with the same passion today that she did when she started out with a small set up at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

Jordan Tait

Jordan Tait Occupation: Architect “Peculiarity breeds a bold, tasteful aesthetic.” —Jordan Tait, Architect When Jordan Tait was 19 years old, he built a house. He wasn’t an architect at the time, he wasn’t even studying to become one. He was just helping out some family. But that experience inspired him to enroll in the New […]

Cash Lawless

When Cash Lawless decides to do something, he does it. He goes all in. It was that sort of commitment that took him from hair stylist to celebrity hair stylist. It’s a jump that few in his industry actually make.

Wesley Stringer

There was a time when New York City photographer, Wesley Stringer, had a portfolio of commercial photography. These were photos he’d been paid to take, but at end of the day, he wasn’t always proud to have his name on the work.

Jen Steele

It’s no secret that artists find inspiration from the people and places in their lives. NYC photographer, Jen Steele, is no different.

Brad Oberhofer

Frontman Brad Oberhofer began writing songs when a melody popped into his head uninvited at the age of 13. He recorded it with a Yamaha keyboard on an old PC and the “magic” has been in him ever since as a classically trained pianist turned Brooklyn-based indie rocker.

Emiko Shinozaki

What does classical music, organic chemistry and conceptual geometric jewelry all have in common? Everything. According to Emiko Shinozaki, the New York City artist and designer behind Emiko Shinozaki Jewelry.

Chris Baio Occupation: Musician, Baio & Vampire Weekend

Chris Baio

Since emerging onto the scene in NYC in 2006, Chris Baio has best been known as the bass player of the Grammy award-winning Vampire Weekend. It’s a ride that’s taken him around the world. At some point along the way, in between packing venues and selling millions of records, Baio begin to sense a restlessness inside himself.

Brooke Williams

When Brooke Williams isn’t capturing moments as a photographer and blogger, she’s making moments as a mom who doubles as a DJ in Brooklyn, New York.