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Patrick Ryan

  • November 2016
Patrick Ryan
Patrick Ryan
Occupation: Chef, Owner, Port Fonda

"I always just wanted to do food." — Patrick Ryan, Chef

Patrick Ryan has only ever had one job. And it’s the only job he ever really wanted: to cook. While today he is the Chef as well as the owner of Kansas City’s Port Fonda, he’s doing the same thing he did when he was a kid. But now, he’s in charge. “I started cooking when I was 15 and never really stopped,” he said. “I was a high energy, spazzy kind of kid, so I wasn’t going to be working at Blockbuster.”

Patrick Ryan

Today he puts that energy into his own midwestern take on fine Mexican cuisine. He’s lived all around the country and traveled the world, which is why he says his inspiration literally comes from all over the place. “I get out to eat a lot, travel a lot and see what people are doing. I try not to box myself in and look at all kinds of restaurants, looking for something that I can try to put my own spin on.”

And though he’s traveled the world and lived all over, the most important place to Ryan is home in Kansas City. “If you told the 19-year-old me that couldn’t wait to get out of here that the 40-year-old me would be back here loving what this city has become, I would be shocked,” he said. “It’s home and it’s been really good to me.”

Patrick Ryan

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