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Jen Steele

  • October 2016
Jen Steele
Jen Steele
Occupation: Photographer, Editor-in-Chief, Girls I Know

"I enjoy the oddities in people, their strange or special sides and I consider this kind of spirit when I’m shooting." — Jen Steele, photographer

Jen Steele
Jen Steele

It’s no secret that artists find inspiration from the people and places in their lives. NYC photographer, Jen Steele, is no different. The only difference is that she’s made it her job to tell the stories of the people and places in her life.

Steele built a resume contributing to the likes of Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Into the Gloss and Refinery29. In 2011 she turned her passion into her own publication with the website Girls I know, which Steele calls a “creative platform designed to encourage brilliance and ambition through intimate conversations.”

“To me, photography is about time and romance and whatever those words mean to the subject, myself, or the observer of an image,” Steele said. She also says that nothing inspires her quite like witnessing another person do the thing they are meant to do. When you look at her work, it quickly becomes clear, Steele is also doing the thing she’s meant to do.

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