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Emily Reinhardt: The Object Enthusiast

  • September 2016
Emily Reinhardt - The Object Enthusiast
Emily Reinhardt
The Object Enthusiast

“My love of stuff has turned into a love of building stuff, and if I can make something that someone else gets to use, I am set.” – Emily Reinhardt, The Object Enthusiast

Emily Reinhardt - The Object Enthusiast

Emily Reinhardt is obsessed with making stuff. Which is why for this Kansas City ceramic artist and blogger, “The Object Enthusiast” is much more than a moniker. It’s what she does. It’s how she works. It’s who she is. “All I think about when I look at something is, ‘how can I make that out of clay?,’” Reinhardt said. “Once I started looking at everyday objects with a more discerning eye, and paid closer attention to how something is made, I realized I wanted to start making those things.”

Reinhardt’s object enthusiasm goes beyond how things are made. She also spends a great deal of time considering how they are used. As a result, much of what she creates is not only beautiful, it’s multifunctional. What one person uses as a measuring spoon, another person may hang on the wall. It is this obsession with form and function that keeps her creating – and inspired – in her Kansas City studio. “I’m always inspired by people’s homes – what they live with, their favorite cup, the types of plants they keep,” she said. “I love it when it happens, but I find it hard to pinpoint when it will.”

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