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Emiko Shinozaki

  • October 2016
Emiko Shinozaki
Emiko Shinozaki
Occupation: Artist and Designer, Emiko Shinozaki Jewelry

"When someone buys your jewelry it’s intensely personal. They are applauding for you." — Emiko Shinozaki

What does classical music, organic chemistry and conceptual geometric jewelry all have in common? Everything. According to Emiko Shinozaki, the New York City artist and designer behind Emiko Shinozaki Jewelry.

A former pre-med student turned classical violinist turned couture jewelry designer, Emiko has always seen the world through the eyes of an artist. But now, she’s doing it her way. “Before this, my interests were more collaborative. I wasn’t creating anything new by myself,” she said. “This is the first time in my life I’ve been freely creative and not answering to anyone.”

While her world now revolves around her jewelry, she continues to pull inspiration from all of her past lives, marrying what she knows with what she makes. Like the beauty she sees in organic chemical structures, or the inversion of musical melodies, or the simple intricacies of a snowflake. In Emiko’s world, it’s all fair game. “I bring in everything I can from my life,” she said. “Most days I’m just entertaining myself.”

Emiko Shinozaki

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