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Chris Wambua

  • February 2017
Chris Wambua
Chris Wambua,
Occupation: Personal Trainer, Founder, Kamba Fit

There is an art to physical fitness and Chris Wambua has made it his life’s work. He is the founder of Kansas City’s Kamba Fit, a place that Wambua defines as a fitness and performance movement training center. There Wambua, who is not just the owner but also a personal trainer, is committed to working with members to reach their full potential through health and fitness. A major component of his job is creating motivation and inspiration for all those who walk in the door. The part that inspires Wambua is helping his members maintain optimum health for life.

For as long as Wambua has wanted to be a trainer, he’s wanted to own his own studio. From an early age, he ran track and played soccer, giving him a passion for fitness that he’s now turned into his career. Today, the real balancing act comes from training members and owning a business at the same time. Wambua says the business part of his job is 24/7, but his real passion is training, which makes it easy to do both.

A native of Kenya, Wambua grew up as a member of the Kamba tribe, which is known for their physical expressions of strength, endurance and athleticism. He has called Kansas City home since 1998. Here, his locally owned business stands out amongst large fitness chains. It’s something that Wambua is proud of. “I believe that we provide a sense of community that our members can identify with,” he said. 

Chris Wambua
Chris Wambua

“I can wake up at 4 a.m. and be fired up to go change lives.” – Chris Wambua, Kamba Fit

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