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Cash Lawless

  • November 2016
Cash Lawless
Cash Lawless
Occupation: Hair Stylist

"If you believe it’s possible, you have to go for it." — Cash Lawless, hair stylist

When Cash Lawless decides to do something, he does it. He goes all in. It was that sort of commitment that took him from hair stylist to celebrity hair stylist. It’s a jump that few in his industry actually make. But Lawless did it. “I’m a really passionate person,” Lawless said. “And I take that with me everywhere I go. If I’m going to do something, I do it 100 percent.”

Lawless was raised all around the globe, where he fell in love with classical arts at a young age. It was his passion and love for the arts that eventually landed him where he is today, styling stars and super models, bouncing between New York, Los Angeles and Dallas. “As an artist there is nothing I’ve found that’s more fulfilling. I get bored so fast. But this gives me the creative ability to do something different every 24 hours.”

Search #CashLawlessHair on Instagram and you’ll see his work on the likes of Mandy Moore, Michael Douglas and Zosia Mamet to name a few. He’s worked hard to get there, but says that getting to the level he’s at today is only partially about talent. “Marketing yourself is 85% of my business. You could be the best guitar player in the world, but if you just play in your grandma’s basement, who is going to hear you?” Lawless said. “You gotta get out there in the world and say this is my style and this is what I have to say.”

Cash Lawless

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