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Benjamin Farmer and Joni Alexander

  • September 2016
Benjamin Farmer and Joni Alexander
Benjamin Farmer and Joni Alexander,
Alchemy Coffee

“I feel fulfilled when I create or discover something new. This fulfillment drives my passion for what we do.” – Benjamin Farmer, Alchemy Coffee

Joni Alexander
Benjamin Farmer

Benjamin Farmer and Joni Alexander have figured it out. They are partners in business and life, putting their passion to work as the team behind Alchemy Coffee and Bake House in Lawrence, Kansas.

Benjamin and Joni haven’t always been the baker and barista team that they are today. But they have never been strangers to hard work. Benjamin was once a mechanic and Joni worked all over the globe as a model for high fashion’s most elite names. She’s been the face of magazines. Now she and Benjamin have become the face of their own brand, as parents, entrepreneurs and proprietors of a local go-to for artfully crafted pastries and pour-overs.

Today the couple thrives on the experience of their shop. When they go to work, they play. They tinker. They create. Endlessly experimenting with recipes and techniques. Always pushing for perfection for themselves and the person on the other side of the counter. It’s this balance of craft and service that Joni calls the “perfect marriage” in her work. “It can always be a little better next time,” she said. That’s why if you ask Joni what gets her up in the morning she’ll tell you it’s sheer dedication and belief in what they’re doing.

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