8 AM — 6 PM

Enjoy compliments (while they last!) from…

Our vision is to create classic varieties like yeast risen, cake, and old fashion doughnuts, along with more creative creations like, double chocolate nutella, s’more, creme brulee, and maple bacon doughnuts. Then, to step it up one more notch, what about combining doughnuts with some of our favorite foods, like a doughnut bowl with bacon and Mac n’ Cheese, pizza doughnut, or a biscuits and gravy doughnut. We have been dreaming and creating for some time now, and our dreams have led us to the Doughnut Lounge.

Our philosophy at Blip Roasters revolves around how we live our lives and is what drives us: community, loyalty, coffee and motorcycles. Riding moves us through life, and coffee is our opportunity to re-align during the curves thrown by the daily grind.