New York

199 Mott Pop‑up

199 Mott Street
New York, New York

BALDWIN 199Mott Interior

A Prairie in the City

We’re excited to launch the first BALDWIN showroom + pop-up shop in New York’s Nolita neighborhood. This location is a magnet for fashion, artistic culture, innovation and modernism. We feel a level of connectedness to the area as it is an intersection of modern design and sophisticated, yet casual style. This will be the first of many BALDWIN pop-up shops surfacing around the country.


“I’m compelled by the contradiction of my city life to the outdoors.” — Matt Baldwin

The entire shop and fall collection is inspired by the juxtaposition between city life and the wonder of mother nature. Every detail was thoughtfully curated and alludes to Matt Baldwin’s Midwestern roots near the iconic Flint Hills in Kansas, from the waving wheat in the front window to tables inspired by the topographic silhouette of the region.

BALDWIN Mott White Rivet

The White Rivet

The white rivet is our signature mark, included on all denim pants and hats. The circular symbol denotes quality and craftsmanship. It evokes a sense of modernity. It’s the mark of a great story, ready to be told. We’ve installed a circular neon sign at the front of our pop-up shop as a representation of the white rivet.


Pop-Up Shop Design Details

The concept for the “Prairie in the City” pop-up shop was developed through a collaboration between Hufft Architects and BALDWIN. The entire design is completely modular. It allows the retail space + showroom to be packed away in a series of large crates, which double as the showroom tables, and transported to new locations.

The design of the pop-up shop’s crates act as self-containers as well as showroom tables, saw buck table, and stools that give an inspirational nod to Donald Judd’s work; a source of inspiration of American Modernism to the Fall 2017 collection and Pop Up shop.

BALDWIN 199Mott Interior

Prairie Table

Inspired by the rolling topographic profile of the Flint Hills in Kansas, the prairie table is the primary container for which the BALDWIN store is housed. Using a parametric extrusion of Flint Hills typography, the walls were cut to allow the low points in elevation to become the table legs when flipped upright as well as the nested region while closing the two halves of the crate together. Nested together, the two halves provide storage space for the shop’s fixtures. One crate = two tables.


Intentional form and function: The shape and design of the modular “prairie table” reflects the topography of the Kansas Flint Hills.


Clothing Line

A staple of the agrarian photography and lifestyle, the farmhouse clothing line is a subtle nod to traditional clothing lines found in Midwestern farms. Designed with flexibility in mind, the three-bar profile allows for clothing to be hung on both sides, or for a storage shelf to be added to the top.


Dressing Silo

An icon of Midwestern landscape which has bolstered architectural precedent from Mid-Century masters like Le Corbusier, the grain silo provided inspiration for the dressing rooms. Using a series of CNC cut joints, the construction system is designed in a kit of parts. When assembled, it stands as a single dressing room. It is easily disassembled and packs flat into each of the crates.


Sawbuck Showroom Table

The ‘Sawbuck Judd’ table is merely a concept of its name. Inspired by the traditional Sawbuck table from farmhouses across the country, we took the simple construction and nesting methodology from Mid Century Modernist Donald Judd’s furniture design and applied it to the traditional farm table. Each piece created with the constraint it must nest together in a small enough volume to fit through a single door.