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Sophistication Meets Comfort

The words sophistication and comfort rarely go together. Why is that? This concept is at the heart of our design process. We feel it’s important to have wardrobe essentials that effortlessly transition between work life and real life.

Classic Workwear Reimagined

The Michi Chore Jacket in a lightweight cotton and linen blend fabric is perfect to throw on for a trip to the coffee shop or lounging in style.

The Devin Cropped Trouser

The Devin Cropped Trouser – Five Ways to Wear It

When we say “spring essential” you probably think of casual and comfortable. Something suitable for Saturdays in the park or Sundays with friends.

The Third Piece Rule

We’re typically not much for rules, but the “third piece rule” is just good advice. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

Travel-Ready Style For The On-The-Go Man

Everything about travel is a little better with comfortable clothing you can wear straight from a flight into a business meeting or an evening out on the town.

The Art of Fashion Denim

The Art of Fashion Denim

We’ve always said that denim is our favorite canvas. That’s why we painstakingly create custom washes and authentic fades based on reclaimed and beautifully broken-in BALDWIN denim.

Our Signature: The White Rivet

The White Rivet

The circular symbol denotes quality and craftsmanship. It evokes a sense of modernity. It’s the mark of a great story, ready to be told.

Plaid Well Played – The Otis in Plaid

Just as there’s an art to the way you wear plaid, there’s an art to the way we design it.

Debra Smith

Debra Smith’s life as the Kansas City-based textile artist she is today did not happen by accident. Her mother was a textile artist and so was her grandmother.

A Trench for Travels – The Imogen Trench

A Trench for Travels – The Imogen Trench

Your passport is your travel companion, but the Imogen Trench is the perfect coat for letting yourself get lost in some new city while looking like you know exactly where you’re going.

Rod Parks, Occupation: Owner, Retro Inferno

Rod Parks

Rod Parks, owner of Kansas City’s Retro Inferno, has procured thousands of chairs, tables, couches and other beautifully designed 20th century objects for the home since wandering into an estate sale 24 years ago.

Chris Wambua

Chris Wambua

There is an art to physical fitness and Chris Wambua has made it his life’s work. He is the founder of Kansas City’s Kamba Fit, a place that Wambua defines as a fitness and performance movement training center.

Knit Together

Knit Together

Knitwear and denim are two of our favorite things in the world. Amazing on their own, but even better when paired together.

Megan Mac and Mikey Wheeler

Megan Mac and Mikey Wheeler

Most couples share a passion and it’s typically not work-related. If it is, it’s probably not the art of professional tattooing. Unless that couple is Megan Mac and Mikey Wheeler.



When wearing beautifully broken-in, vintage-looking denim, those around you are bound to take notice. My Baldwins are one-of-a-kind designs inspired by our own customers’ reclaimed denim, then expertly constructed to recreate every intricate crease, line and fade.

Find Your Edge: The Jones Biker Jacket

You don’t need to be a biker to look good in a leather biker jacket. We just call it that because it takes its cues from that classic biker look, but this one comes with a soft edge.

An Elevated Classic – The Peacoat

The classic tailored peacoat has been around since the 1800s, but our peacoat was cut for today with modern tailoring in mind. It’s hard to mess with a look this timeless. But we did.

The Harper Pant

A Look That Works  – The Harper Pant

Be bold. Be professional. Be sophisticated. The Harper Pant is our take on modern day work wear for women who thrive on the edge that comes with looking confident.

#MYBALDWIN Denim – Our Best Washes Yet

#MYBALDWIN is more than a hashtag. It’s one part us. And one part every person that’s ever put on a pair of our jeans.

Jamie Wong

Jamie Wong is not old. But she is definitely vintage. Buying and selling vintage garments has been her life for about 17 years, but she does it with the same passion today that she did when she started out with a small set up at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

Jordan Tait

Jordan Tait Occupation: Architect “Peculiarity breeds a bold, tasteful aesthetic.” —Jordan Tait, Architect When Jordan Tait was 19 years old, he built a house. He wasn’t an architect at the time, he wasn’t even studying to become one. He was just helping out some family. But that experience inspired him to enroll in the New […]

Dry Denim: Tell Your Story

Some call it dry, some call it raw. Whatever you call it, dry denim is the blank canvas of the denim world. And you, the wearer, are the artist.

Leisure Looks Good On You

Relax. Or don’t. Stretch selvage was designed for Sunday afternoons. But the truth is, you can wear it seven days a week. Whether it’s your calendar that’s full or just your DVR, you’re good to go. Or stay.

Veteran’s Day with Jason Arellano

Today Baldwin recognizes one of our own for his service as a United States Marine. We thank you for your contributions to our country and family, alongside all respected veterans. …”

Cash Lawless

When Cash Lawless decides to do something, he does it. He goes all in. It was that sort of commitment that took him from hair stylist to celebrity hair stylist. It’s a jump that few in his industry actually make.

Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan has only ever had one job. And it’s the only job he ever really wanted: to cook.

This Fall / Winter’s Trend: Shearling for Men and Women

Our shearling coat is a pinnacle piece of your wardrobe, now and for years to come. A classic shearling look that envelops you in softness and becomes an instant outward reflection of your coolest, calmest self.

Susie Yang

When Susie Yang was 11 years old she performed as a cello soloist with the Chicago symphony. It was broadcasted on PBS. A camera crew came to her middle school to interview her. And even before that moment, Yang, who is now a cellist with the Kansas City Symphony, knew that she found her calling.

Men’s & Women’s Hand Tailored Artistry

Life is about the details; the extras that transform the ordinary to the extraordinary. The difference you’ll feel when you wrap up in our hand-tailored pieces. The artistry is in the meticulous process.

Wesley Stringer

There was a time when New York City photographer, Wesley Stringer, had a portfolio of commercial photography. These were photos he’d been paid to take, but at end of the day, he wasn’t always proud to have his name on the work.

Jen Steele

It’s no secret that artists find inspiration from the people and places in their lives. NYC photographer, Jen Steele, is no different.

Boiled Wool: The New Wave Classic

Introducing boiled wool layering for men and women. It’s our approach to a new take on a classic Fall fabric. The wool’s lightweight feel makes it optimal for pairing with just about anything, yet it’s deceptively warm and weatherproof.

Brad Oberhofer

Frontman Brad Oberhofer began writing songs when a melody popped into his head uninvited at the age of 13. He recorded it with a Yamaha keyboard on an old PC and the “magic” has been in him ever since as a classically trained pianist turned Brooklyn-based indie rocker.

Hermon Mehari

The story of musician and jazz trumpeter, Hermon Mehari, begins in Kansas City where he “fell in love with the idea of making music in the moment” during an improvisational jazz class.

Tradition Meets the Future: Stretch Selvage for Women

Finally, it’s here. Heritage-inspired selvedge denim with authenticity you just can’t replicate, now in an innovative stretch fabrication that’s exclusive to Baldwin. Consider these your new go-to jeans, available in two fits.

Emiko Shinozaki

What does classical music, organic chemistry and conceptual geometric jewelry all have in common? Everything. According to Emiko Shinozaki, the New York City artist and designer behind Emiko Shinozaki Jewelry.

Chris Baio Occupation: Musician, Baio & Vampire Weekend

Chris Baio

Since emerging onto the scene in NYC in 2006, Chris Baio has best been known as the bass player of the Grammy award-winning Vampire Weekend. It’s a ride that’s taken him around the world. At some point along the way, in between packing venues and selling millions of records, Baio begin to sense a restlessness inside himself.

The Moleskin Trouser

Moleskin. A smooth, tough fabric woven tightly, then heavily brushed. A trusted, uncommon choice once used to craft durable garments worn by centuries of European farmers, steel workers and soldiers.

Brooke Williams

When Brooke Williams isn’t capturing moments as a photographer and blogger, she’s making moments as a mom who doubles as a DJ in Brooklyn, New York.

Emily Reinhardt: The Object Enthusiast

Emily Reinhardt is obsessed with making stuff. Which is why for this Kansas City ceramic artist and blogger, “The Object Enthusiast” is much more than a moniker. It’s what she does.